Iris Devices on Clearance - 11/7/18

(Jason) #21

You have to really watch lowes, bought 5 went to the store and 2 out of the 5 were opened and used. No batteries, grey tape on the sides. Asked for a manager and when he came I asked if they like to sell fraudulent items. He looked at me puzzled and suggested I was mistaken. I asked him if it was company policy to sell used opened items as new. He again looked at me puzzled, it was not until I reopend the boxes they sold me and showed him. The guy had a look on his face like he wanted to dig a hole and crawl in. This is not the 1st or 2nd time this has happened to me at lowes, so my advise is check your items. End result the 2 opened items were refunded and given to me for free for my time,.

(Ron Talley) #22

I picked up 6 motions and 12 contacts. Used a Lowe’s $20 off of $100 on 2 orders. Sad thing is, I have absolutely no use for them! Going in the box with the rest of the “I bought it because the deal was too good to pass” sensors…

Waiting on my next client!


I can’t find a working $10 off of $50 code. I don’t need $100 worth to use the $20 off codes.

(Jason) #24

I could not get it to work either, I had to use the 10%

(Dave) #25

So, does 3326-L2 work with Smartthings ? I just ordered4 for $14.99, free shipping, used 10% off.

Even the new Samsung motion sensors are on sale for $19.99 . Am I better off buying these ?

(MarkTr) #26

I haven’t seen anyone say directly on here that they do but I would expect them to. On the previous clearance my online order was mistakenly fulfilled with L2 flood sensors, and they paired with no issues.

(Rob) #27

I picked some up from Lowe’s yesterday and they work fine.

(Dave) #28

Thanks for quick reply.
I went ahead and ordered 2 of the new model Smartthings Motion detectors for $19.99 - 10%.

(Rob) #29

I clicked the Lowe’s link and the part number listed does not match the image being shown. The part number is for the Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor not the Motion Sensor shown. Am I wrong?

(Dave) #30

You are correct, I did notice that the part number is of the multipurpose sensor 'cause I went to check Amazon to see what price it was selling there.
I went ahead and ordered based on title, description and photo. I can always take them back if its wrong item. I might even be able to exchange it for motion sensor if I can get hold of the right person. :slight_smile:

(Dave) #31

I just got delivery, they are Samsung V3 motion sensors.

(Rob) #32

That’s awesome. I may see if I can pick a few up then. Thanks.

(Marcus) #33

I ordered the 3326-L2 for store pickup and got a newer version. Has anyone been able to get this one to pair?

(Jimmy) #34

The new one is also zigbee. May pair as a thing, but can try switching it to the smartsense motion handler.

(Marcus) #35

Thanks. That got it working.

(Lee Florack) #36

Thanks! Just checked my local store for the motion sensors. I bought tow- because they only had two :wink: I’ll be picking them up later today.

Update: Although they showed two available online, they called within 10 minutes of me placing the order to tell me they were out of stock.


Sometimes that means that they didn’t look for them long enough. Same thing happened to me so I went to the store any way to look around and after some searching, I found 1 item on the discount table and 2 more high up on a shelf partially hidden.

(DavidK) #38

Can anyone confirm that this:

Is the new version and not a DIFFERENT version for security?

I online ordered one on clearance, but when I went in they gave me one of these. I assumed (maybe wrongly) that it was something else and NOT the new version so returned it.

It is larger than the previous generation of iris motion. Why did they make it bigger? Primarily that it was larger made me think that it was a different model and not the updated model.

(Dan) #39

That is Lowes’ newest model, made by a different company. The smaller -L and -L2 models were made by Centralite and work great. Not sure anyone has a great deal of experience with this latest model.

(Jimmy) #40

haven’t used it yet, but it is Zigbee. according to the FCC approval