2 Iris Motion Sensors for under $18 each until 7/25

Iris sensors at Lowes is currently on sale for $24.99, add two items to your shopping cart plus a small item like lubricant (we can always find a use for that!) Use store pick up. If you ship, then you might have to buy a higher price item to get free shipping for spending over $49 before discounts.

Add Renovopower.com $15 off $50 discount code



Or get some BlueStik putty to mount the sensors to your wall. Thanks for tip @johnconstantelo



Over $50 before discount still doesn’t qualify for free shipping. At least for me.

Oh well, got three, 21.19 each, better than 29.99 I guess right? Finally have enough motion sensors to finish my system at least.

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Hmm, to get free shipping, you have to probably spend at least $15 extra (to cover the value of the discount) to qualify for spending over $49. You also can’t include what would’ve been the shipping cost and any applicable taxes. Worked for me in the past.

That’s what I mean, I had it up to $57 after the 15 came off, before shipping and tax, still wouldn’t give me free shipping.

About 18.50 a piece, picking up in store, thanks!!!

It needs to be over $50 AFTER all discounts, not before. So this means you need to be between $55-$65 or higher ( depending on the code you are using 10% off $50 , $10 off $50, $15 off $50 ) to still get the free shipping.

They show as $30 each for me, do I need to do something to get them to show up as $25?

I guess they’re not on sale at all stores, try changing the zipcode to 91710 and switch to another Lowes. If your local Lowes don’t have them for sale, you will probably have to have them shipped to you instead of pick up.

Keep getting the error that “Promotion is not available at this time.” My total is 52.97 for two sensors and lubricant. Renovo coupons always worked for me. But it is not working now.

Refresh renovo page and get a new code, try a different code

Make sure you choose the one that says $15 off $50 button. When I first did this I was so used to choosing the $10 off $50 promotional discount and those codes are no longer valid.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. Was over 50 after rebate before tax. Doesn’t work. Still a good price for three now that we have the 15 off 50 code.

I added a 7 cent washer to hit the magic $64 total before Renovo $15 off. $49 or bust!!

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Got these on the last day. Lowes has a way to go on optimizing their online pickup area at my local store, but I did get them after a 20 minute wait. Thanks for the tip!

Get used to it. 20 minutes is actually better than average from my experience. I love waiting in line for 15 minutes to pick up an order that I have the email stating was ready 2 hours ago, finally getting to the desk and have them look around for 10 minutes and then finally pull the order off the computer and start paging somebody to go pull it. I have found 1 of the 4 HDs I frequent that actually has my orders pulled at at the ProDesk when I arrive .Unfortunately it is not the most convenient one most of the time, is not worth the extra 30 minute drive one way to not have to wait for 30 minutes when we get there…