Iris v2 Contact Sensor eating batteries

(Chris) #1

I’ve had an Iris v2 sensor on my patio door for close to a year on the original battery. I got a low battery notification a few weeks ago (can’t complain about a year, although several other Iris sensors that I installed around the same time are still showing 78%), so I swapped the battery with a fresh one.

I apparently managed to put the sensor into demo mode (forgot about having the contact open when replacing the battery) and noticed a few days later that I was getting the multicolored blinking light and that the battery was already down to 11%. Replaced it again with a brand new battery with the contact open, no blinking light and no demo mode. But…here I am a week or so later and that new battery is already down to 11%. It’s actually been as low as 1%, then bounced back to 11%, then 22%, then back to 11%.

Any ideas what’s going on? Is there anything I can do about this, or do I have a failing sensor?


Has your hub been updated to 18.18? If so take a look over in the firmware thread. ST have changed how batteries are reported but there are also some folks reporting what you are.

(Chris) #3

I’m still on 17.12. I’ll take a look though.


removing from hub.
Factory reset.
Re add to hub.

Had this and i went through 3 batteries the steps above worked. No more battery draining issues.

(Chris) #5

I’ll give that a shot, thanks.

(Jimmy) #6

you don’t have to remove from hub. Just reset and re-add.

(Chris) #7

Thanks for the replies, did a reset (without removing from hub) and new battery has been hanging at 100% for 2 days now. Problem solved I think.