Iris Brand Linear GD00Z-1 Garage Door Controller on Clearance $30.07 at Lowe's

i bought two last night and they were both opened and used already. One was missing the power supply and the back to the sensor. The second worked for about two seconds and then it is only showing status unknown. I returned the one with missing parts and to another store with more in stock and they would not exhange with the current price. GRRRRRRRR

These are available at Oakland Park, FL store for $28. Showing 4 in stock but no shipping option :disappointed_relieved:. Good luck to folks in that area. Would definitely appreciate if anyone is willing to ship those :grin:.

I have an extra in case someone needs one. Its sealed… Will sell it at cost ($30) + shipping

Update: Sold

Sent you a PM ncatoffice.

I still have a new one that I’m still willing to sell for cost ($40+tax) + shipping. However, speak up today; I have it in the car and will be returning it to Lowes tonight.

Update: Sold.

Thinking about getting one of these for my dad, but I’m not sure if it would work on his garage. He has one door (not two) garage - would this work with that?


It doesn’t matter how many doors he has, what matters is what kind of garage door opener he has installed. This device has 2 wires that connect to the terminals of the garage door opener for the wall button. So the whole interaction between this device and the garage door opener is that it simulates a press of a simple button. If the garage door is some special kind that requires some special button that not only sends ON/OFF but also some kind of data packets and stuff, this won’t work with it.

Does this garage door controller work with Smartthigns? If yes, now to add\pair it? I don’t see it in the Marketplace.

It gets recognized automatically as Z-Wave Garage Door Opener.

Guys, thought I would let you know that I did, just 2 days ago, place an order for 2 of these at the Salisbury MD store where they were on sale for $52.99 each, used the Renovo Power code for $15 off (once, not twice) and with sales tax, ended up with both for under $96. It seem that none of the stores with it marked down will ship it, and the closer you are to a large metro area, the less likely you’ll find it marked down. Luckily my mother lives in Salisbury and will be visiting in just 2 weeks. :sunglasses:

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Need another one of these, or any garage door opener.

Anyone have an extra they want to sell??

Did anyone have trouble getting this to work? Seems like the tilt sensor didn’t want to communicate with the main unit. I returned one and got a replacement and still had the same issue.

Most likely the battery is upside down in your tilt sensor. I did the same thing when I 1st installed mine.