Iris and Liftmaster GDO

Hoping to get some help…I have an older Liftmaster, and bought an Iris to use with SmartThings. It is hooked up correctly - the red and white wires mated to the iris leads. Iris gets the signal, beeps 5 times, but no movement from the door. A few years back, my wall remote crapped out, so my garage door guy replaced with a MyQ wall remote. The opener is not MyQ though. This has to be what is causing my issue. To see what would happen, I disconnected the red and white leads from the wall opener from my GDO, and left just the Iris leads. It worked like a charm. How can the wall remote be messing this up?? Must be doing something funky to the signal?

Thanks in advance…

Can you post a picture? The iris unit should be wired in parallel with your wall button.

I would check with Linear/GoControl support. There are some compatibility issues with some LiftMaster models. See the compatibility link on the following page

(Nortek Is the manufacturer: they sell the exact same device under many different brand names including Iris, gocontrol, and Nexia.)

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Here are some pics. I am joining a bridging wire to the iris leads and the door remote leads, so I can keep it clean running into the opener. Pretty straight forward. Like I said, works great when I don’t include the wires from the MyQ wall remote