Iphone Restart - presence doesn't work unless Manual ST startup

Has anyone with an iPhone noticed that if you restart your phone and don’t start the Smartthings app, Presence doesn’t work? I usually restart my phone every so often and forget to start up the ST app. So this will set off my alarm and it’s quite jarring. Is there any way to force an app to open on Startup? Apple?! You allow this on your desktops/Laptops - but your tablets/phones suck at this.

You have to make sure you granted access to smartthings location services. go into the iphone under privac

I figured there was something. Thanks Joseph

Enable both Location Services and Background Refresh for SmartThings app.

(Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> SmartThings -> Always)
(General -> Background App Refresh (On) -> SmartThings(On)

Double Check in Settings -
Notifications (Badges, Sounds, Banners)
Use Cellular Data (On)

Brilliant even better. Thanks Ron.

Sorry to hyjack this thread slightly but my question is almost on the same lines. My partner has an iphone and will be getting the app soon as moving in with her, however she doesn’t keep her mobile data on when out and only uses wifi. Now when she gets home it automatically connects to the wifi however the presence of the phone is not detected and therefore doesn’t trigger notifications or state changes. Even though when she pulls up near the house she’s automatically connected to the wifi? Is this a limitation of mobile presence that it constantly needs an internet source?

From what I’ve read - ST doesn’t determine presence based on connection to WiFi internet. It uses a Geofence method that involves all kinds of data - GPS, Cell tower location, WiFi location. the latter is determined by how many wifi signals are located in the immediate area and this normally helps GPS get a better idea of Location. The more data the phone has, the more accurate it is - meaning it’s less of an approximation. You’ll really need to just turn on everything to see if there is improvement. If so, question answered. if not, can’t say. I’m sure there are others that can chime in with more info.

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Dang. Checked the phone for all these settings and everything was already set. Guess I’ll just have to remember each time to access the app when the phone restarts. Pain in the butt.

I recently have been having precedence issues with my iPhone. The only way it will update is if I open the app. Everything is set up correctly on the phone (location services, background refresh, etc).

When I leave/come home none of my routines run. As soon as I open the smarttthings app, everything works. I don’t have the issue with my wife’s android phone.

I tried deleted the routines, deleting the phone and reading it…nothing seems to work. Just opened a ticket, hoping they can help.

@mikecoscia I know it’s hit or miss with my wife’s iPhone. My Android is rock solid.

If on iOS see if these old days of v1 are still valid…

Thanks Ron, tried everything on that list and no dice. Leaving the house worked a few times yesterday. However, coming home did not. It did work great for a few days when I first set it up with routines. Not so much anymore.

Sorry to hear that, Mike. You can try ST support but I would guess some of the external factors may be outside their control depending on your location, cell towers and all those crazy stuff. I have very lucky to this regard.

Thanks Ron. Going to try and increase my geofence again and see if that works. It’s already over 3 blocks…lol.

That did the trick. Presence detection using both my iPhone and my wife’s android has been spot on since increasing the geofence to 600ft. Guess my wi-fi range is really good?