I deleted my wife from SmartThings and now can't get her back

Presence detection on my wife’s iPhone 6s Plus has been spotty at times. Usually opening the app on her phone corrects the issue. For the last 3 days Smartthings has her at home even though we were 50 miles away several times. After opening the app, closing the app and reopenng the app and even deleting the app and reinstalling it with no progress, I got into the IDE and deleted her there. Apparently this is not something I should have done because nothing I do can get her back on my phone or in the IDE. I sent the invitation email, she replied, and she is listed under Manage Users as sharing location with. The email address is correct. But she isn’t on the her dashboard or my dashboard, or in list of things. The app works fine on her phone.

Thanks for any advice.

Other than suggesting you might want to modify your topic title, as it is subject to multiple interpretations :wink:, you probably just need to have her sign into the app on her phone and then follow the following instructions:

You can’t add someone as a presence except from their own iphone.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact support.


on her phone, open the ST app and goto Marketplace: Things: Sensors: Presence Sensors: Mobile Phone

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THAT’S IT! I forgot that step when I initially set up her phone over a year ago.

Thank you again.


My wife’s presence detection is sporadic. It will say she is home when she is not, and it will say she is gone when she is home. I have verified the location is set to always on on her iPhone 6s Plus. This has been happening since the initial setup about a year ago. When it is reporting wrong, I just have her open the SmartThings app wherever she is and it corrects itself. I was hoping this would not happen after I removed her phone using the IDE and added it back in, but it still does this from time to time. My presence detection always is spot on.

Looking in the IDE under my phone, the device network ID starts with my email address but her device network ID starts with user_uuid:

Could this be the reason? Any ideas why she has to open the SmartThings app to get presence detection working?


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Check if you have any power savings and if you can disable that for Smartthings.
Had that problem on my Android but it’s been working perfectly after doing that.

Same for me. It’ OK

I wish I could delete mine sometimes :slight_smile:

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No power saving anywhere. I triple checked location and it is always on. As long as she doesn’t close the SmartThings app her presence detection works every time. When it is broken, all she has to do is open rhe app Then the front door unlocks and the lights turn on as programmed. Most of the time SmartThings says she is gone when she is at home.

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Take a look.