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I am using the new ST App (iOS App Update 02/12/2020) on an iPhone 8 running iOS13.3.1. The App been working fine until last night when I was adding an additional automation to it, and the app crashed when trying to save the additiona automation.

Upon restarting the App every time now when I try to open the Automations screen the App crashes every single time, and does exactly the same also on the other user’s iPhone7 running the same ST App Update 02/12/2020 that is linked to the account.

The App only crashes when trying to open the main Automations screen. The one that shows the list of Automations.

The Scenes page opens fine, and also the Automations themselves seem to be operating as they are programmed to.

I have tried the following with no avail. Erased personal data, signed out of the App, deleted the App, rebooted the iPhone, reinstalled the App, did this a couple of times, but still every time I open the Automations screen the App immediately crashes.

Anyone else ran into this problem and have a solution, please?

I have the exact same problem on my iphone. If i need to access an automation, look for a notification related to that particular automation (in the messages menu) and edit from there. Problem is, there is an automation that has not or does not produce a message that I want to edit.

Unsuccessful things I tried: restarting iphone, signing on/off from app, using app from a different iphone. I think this started happening after the latest update from a few weeks ago.

I think I hit the 250 behavior limit in automations. I eventually managed to open the last one I created, then deleted it and that fixed the problem as I then got below the 250 limit. I moved a bunch of automations over into smartlighting in smartapps as those then don’t count towards the 250 limit is my understanding, they also run locally, and more quickly it seems.

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@jkp you appear to of given yourself forum policing powers and there are some users who may not like your methods. If a user has a major issue with an app crashing specific to them, they are entitled to open a thread. If @SmartThings sees a plethora of threads on this major subject and many users having this issue I would assume they would jump on it pretty fast. Your mania for merging threads will only dilute its importance and minimise any hope of a fast concerted response from the powers that be. Unless that is your intention, which is appears to be, minimising bad press for SmartThings. Like what you did last week when there was the cloud outage, 5 posts on the same subject got everybody’s attention, and helped them realise there wss an issue, and yet you covered up that situation also.

Support requested I delete the app, delete safari history, reboot my phone, reload the app (went through all this before). And see if the problem is still there. Support said development did something related to the app and cloud connection… at any rate the issue is gone.