IP Camera to Smarthings and HDMI to TV


(Johnny) #1

Hopefully I’m posting this in the right section but I’ve read a lot on here about cameras, supported, not supported, working and not well, etc.

What I’m trying to accomplish is seeming a bit different than most things I’ve read because my MAIN focus is a decent camera in a room (performance room in my basement studio) but I can also see that room with a camera to my control room on tv via hdmi I’m guessing. I’m very much at the starting point at investigating, but even just doing this seems difficult. I would also really like to have it be a camera that integrate with smartthings of course.

So what I’ve come up is using a Wireless/Wifi camera and someone had suggested getting one of these android mini pc’s (in order to get camera on the tv via HDMI with an app that doesn’t time out]:

Android 5.1 Amlogic S905 Quad Core Smart Tv Box

So that will get a lot of different cameras to the tv fairly easily. I was actually looking at this one.

Lorex Home WiFi HD

So first of all, I could be wrong that this will even work but my main points are that it’s wireless, has a decent picture and I can show it on tv without it timing out like I’ve seen with some programs.

So that being said, since I think a LOT of different cameras could work in this scenario if the mini pc is in the equation, then are their any cameras that could work this way and maybe has some smartthings integration?

Would love to hear what opinions are. If I’m even starting on the right foot with this. Sure cost is a factor but I think it’s important enough to me to spend a few bucks on :wink:

(Jimmy) #2

So you’re just wanting to view the cameras? No recording or anything? If that’s the case, not sure why some Foscam’s, Fire TV and IP camera viewer app wouldn’t work.

(Johnny) #3

Yeah I don’t really have any intention of recording. It’s more for me to see what’s in that room while people are recording instead of putting in a big window like you see at normal studios.

I have no experience with Fire TV so I’ll have to investigate how that fits into the equation but that’s why I was leaning toward the android mini pc into the tv because there is an app that you can install for IP cameras (and the one with the camera I linked). Plus the bonus of having netflix and such if I want it while doing many hours of drum editing or whatever.

I’ll check out the fire tv option. Thank you so much!