IP Camera Suggestions for ST?

I’m looking for some recommendations for an IP camera that can easily integrate with ST.

If I understand correctly ST doesn’t support live feed but instead can trigger snapshots.
If this is the case, I wonder if it may be possible to trigger some sort of “recording” device type for an IP cam to dump to a NAS. If there’s no way to trigger the streamed recording, could I turn up the snapshot rate be something like 1-2 fps that would at least give me near real time results?

Ideally I’d like pan, tilt, zoom and monitoring for motion on my front porch. If it has an HD resolution, the better and I’d like it to include decent night results inside of 20 feet from lens. If it has 2 way audio, does ST support any functionality like this?

Finally (am I asking too much?) I’d love to be able to use something like tinycam app which allows integration with my android wear watch to view the feed on my watch.

The absolute requirement though is that it not be something that will require a monthly subscription. It would be going on my front porch so if it needs to go into an enclsoure I can do that but it won’t get anything more than some high humidity air.

I’m looking for something thats sub $150. It looks like a lot of foscam folks are on here but I don’t believe these support streaming through apps. If these are the best recommended, I can venture down that route but just looking for all options.

Any suggestions would be awesome. Be they “I love model XYZ” or “stay away from ABC”.

Thanks in advance.

I have created an Android IP Camera which also has recording.

For the price, I think the D-Link DCS-930L is the best. 802.11n support (2.4GHz) makes a difference in reliability and performance. Great SD indoor camera. Only $25 to $30.

Also have the DCS-2330L outdoors with HD. But not a great bargain at $140.

Both D-Link cameras are better than any IP camera I’ve used in 10 years or so. Just click “Skip” during setup when prompted to sign-up for MyDlink.com service. It’s a waste of time. You can connect to the camera directly or use Blue Iris etc. I also have had the D-Link cameras connected to SmartThings as you reference (search forum for DCS-930L) but I never ever actually use that.