IP Camera Question

I know this isn’t exactly ST related (but at some point it might be, hint, hint) but although I hate to admit it, there are allot of smart people on this forum. I’m currently working a project that involves setting up 16 ip cameras for a structured test across allot of parameters. I have mostly foscam wireless outdoor wifi bullet cameras (FI8XXXX series if anyone cares) that, after setup and assigning static ip’s and configuring the wifi, just need power and they work just fine. I’m comparing them across a bunch of parameters for a client looking to introduce a “next-gen” wireless/wifi ip camera (whatever next gen is) and wants real-world field testing.

Here’s my question - I have a bunch of Netgear Ethernet to wifi adapters (incredibly cheap, especially if you het the factory refurbs and surprising range for not having an external antenna) - actually, my ST hub is hooked up using one since it was impractical to run cat6 to the optimum location for the hub. I have some very nice, very expensive (like $600-1000) high def feature rich WIRED ip dome cameras. I want to use these and I personally don’t see any reason why I can’t flush mount the dome cameras on a wall, supply them with power and use the Ethernet to wifi adaptor to make them wireless. (Yes, i know i might need a crossover cable but probably not). Unless I’m missing something - and it’s been a long hot day with me 30 feet up in the air cursing like a truck driver with a bad temper - the setup I just described should work - right? I supply the 5 or 12vdc to the camera and whatever the Netgear adaptor takes with its wall wart, setup a static ip for the adaptor and it should think its hard wired. I’ll throw in a z-wave switch to remote cycle everything since they’re mostly high and not easy to get to plus I have the joy of 16 more unlabeled icons on my ST app (hint, hint Andrew).

Does anyone see an issue with this setup? If its something that should be smacking me upside the head as obvious and I’m just not thinking clearly i apologize in advance, but frankly, it seems like cake. The client sent me some super nice hardwire dome cameras that do ptz and have all the bells and whistles, ir with cutout filters, motion, built in sd, etc. and since I get to keep all the toys after the assignment, I’m actually being careful about a clean install since ill actually be using them at home and not just bench testing which would give me most of the data (but not range and weather resistance). Any help would be seriously appreciated. I frankly am fried and making stupid mistakes which is the point at which I call it a day, especially when I’m running 110VAC lines all around the outside of my house and workshop and climbing on the roof in a thunderstorm to add a wifi antenna to a metal mast (I needed a 12db yagi or maybe a 24db dish/panel antenna to hit a camera that’s several hundred feet away running off a solar/battery/regulator setup - way past anything I’d hit with my routers and repeaters). Fun project. Just need some clear headed thinking on the "change a wired ip camera to a wifi camera). Sincere thanks to anyone who helps out here. Time for a beer. Or 12.