iOS Widget

(Craig Caruso) #1

Does anyone agree we need a better widget function to turn lights on and off?

I feel its cumbersome to go into the app to turn the lights off in my bedroom.


SmartThings has widgets for both IOS and Android. Or you can use the IFTTT DO button.

See #4 and #5 in the Scheduling Intro.

(Craig Caruso) #3

I think I figured it out. I never had Hello Home setup. Long time user. Feels like alot to setup to have a widget.


Hopefully the new UI they’re working on will improve the process of rule creation. :sunglasses:

(Craig Caruso) #5

Overall I feel the app is cumbersome. I can not give this to my parents to use. It should be easy. No?

(Morgan) #6

@carusoapps It is not at that point at all yet. It is not designed to be that easy, additionally the iOS Widget if you have a lot of lights and switches that is really when you need the Hello Home setup.

I hope the new UI will improve the process, but it isn’t easy yet and it will take quite a while before it is.

(Craig Caruso) #7

I was even thinking of jumping ship and going to a competitor. Just need something that everyone can use.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #8

Although no widgets (yet?), a “Family Friendly” option is the simple dashboard you can install via