SmartThings tile listing

I have 3 ST things (for now) listed in my Android App. Is there a way to see the labels of these Things without clicking on the setup. I would like to install the App on my wife’s phone and have her be able to control things without having the puzzled look on her face as to which Thing she can click to turn ON and OFF manually.

It isn’t possible now, but I know the Android dev team is aware of the request. The Android app in general is being actively developed and should be making great strides in the near future.

How about the iOS app? I’ve got multiple of the same sensors, it becomes meaningless to have any information from them when I can’t tell them apart.

You can always change the icons of the things you have (most of them anyway). I do this to differentiate between different lights…desktop lamp, can light, large lamp, ceiling fan light, etc…they all have different icons that can be attached to a ST.

@eibyer This is a known shortcoming on the Android app that we’re working on. Eventually, you should be able to change icons, give custom images to presence tags and see the names of your devices. If you do have access to an iOS device at all, you would be able to customize the appearance of tiles there and then see that customization in your Android app, though that’s obviously not an ideal solution.

@agawin You should be able to customize the appearance of tiles in iOS. You can also shake your device to briefly see the names of different devices.

For both iOS and Android, you also have the option to put devices into groups, based on, for example, areas of your home, to further categorize devices.

nice…I had no idea about the shake-to-show name. Just tried it, works great on ios :slight_smile: