SmartThings IPhone Widget single button for on/off

I like the idea of the smart things Widget, it’s easy to swipe down and then see the list of buttons, however currently I have to make automation for On and off, I would love to have one button on the widget that toggles on and off. Is that possible?

The widget only allows for routines.

Use webCoRE to toggle whatever when the Routine runs.

If Routine Activates
If blah blah is on
Turn Off
If blah blah is off
Turn On

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Why not just do what you want to do in a routine and then use it in the widget? Why are you going through 2 extra steps?

If you wanted to turn something on then off, how do you do that in a Routine?

Two routines, one for on, one for off. The OP asked about the widget for iOS. You can only add routines to that widget. So, how does a simulated switch and WebCore help?


You cannot add a simulated button to the widget in iOS!!! LMAO It only allows you to add routines. Why aren’t you listening?

Go back and read my post…

Routines can activate buttons. You can setup a toggle rule ,using a button, in webCoRE.

If Button is pressed
Light is on
Turn Off

If Button is pressed
Light is off
Turn On


You have no idea if you’re turning it on or off. How is that helpful? The original post asked for a widget that would toggle on and off. Such a widget does not exist, no matter how many simulated switches you use.

That’s why it’s called Toggle…

I edited my posts above because you don’t need the simulated button. You just need to setup the toggle rules in webCoRE when the Routine runs.

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In android I can set up widget buttons on my home screen to run routines. Was trying to do that for a friend on his iphone. Could not figure out how. All it would do is create something that you pull down from the top which then just opens the app. Anyone tell me how to get buttons on the screen?

I was using rontalley’s solution on the old app, but it seems to no longer work with the forced migration to the new app. Anyone have a solution for the the new app and scenes?

This is so weird. All of human history, most buttons are toggles.

Smartthings devs: nah, we only let them have one for on and one for off. So for everything they want to control with the widget. They need two buttons. So out of the four spaces in the Android widget, they can only control two sets of devices. Perfect economy of space

Us: :flushed:

  • Create a virtual button using a device handler that supports the Momentary capability (I’ve got one) . Let’s call it Toggle Button.
  • Create an automation , lets call it Toggle Automation, that does: if Toggle Button is pressed then <toggle whatever switch you want to change>
  • Create a scene, let’s call it Toggle Scene that presses the Momentary on Toggle Button.
  • Add Toggle Scene to the widget.

Pressing Toggle Scene on the widget should run Toggle Scene, ‘pushing’ the button on Toggle Button and triggering Toggle Automation.