iOS widget not always working with after updating to SmartThings app 2.2.0

(Joe Angell) #1

After upgrading to SmartThings app 2.2.0 (on an iPhone with iOS 10.0.1), I noticed that sometimes the widget wouldn’t actually do the action. Instead of showing the flash of green and turning my lights off, it would flash red instead. If I go into the app itself, I can use the widget again. I’m guessing that the widget now only works as long as the app is actually running, and once it is quit the widget no longer functions. That’s a wild guess, though.

This definitely started with 2.2.0, not with iOS 10. At least I"m pretty sure, anyway; they both cam out at about the same time, but I only noticed this problem last night, and have been running iOS 10 since Wednesday.


– Joe

(Nathan Davis) #2

This is an issue that many are having, including me. SmartThings staff is aware of the problem.

(Joe Angell) #3

Ah, missed that; I guess I used the wrong search terms in the forum. Thanks!

– Joe

(Eric Brown) #4

Same here. I found that deselecting and reselecting routines in the widget for worked for one time use, but then it stopped working again.

(jotto) #5

Having this issue as well (ST 2.2.0, with iOS 10.0.1) widget is only flashing red.

The only way I have successfully got the widget to work is to open the ST App, then swipe to widget menu and execute (shouldn’t have to open app first to get the widget to work). Lets fix this asap SmartThings!

(Kyle LeNeau) #6

There is a known issue in 2.2.0 of the app with the widgets. We have made a change on the backend as a work around for it. If you open the app and are logged in then the widget should work for another 48 hours until you have to open the app again. The fix in the mobile side is done and we are working on a release in the next few days (submitted to Apple and is pending review).

iOS 2.2.0 - Release Notes