SmartTiles: [Resolved] Cannot Create New Dashboard(s) on Version v5.7.0-xx+006-Blue Edition

Continuing the discussion from SmartTiles Dashboard v5.7: Release March 2, 2016:

We have confirmed that there is a current bug that can affect a large number of SmartTiles users.

Details are on the page (and there is a summary in this post below…):

Some SmartTiles users are encountering problems when they try to add/create a new Dashboard under the parent SmartApp “SmartTiles (Connect)” in the Dashboard List section. We think this may be caused by recent SmartThings platform updates and probably only affects users of the original “OAuth shared” edition of SmartTiles. These have a Version number of the form: v5.7.0-xx+006-Blue (instead of “+001” or “+002”) and a blue icon instead of green.

Symptoms include:

  • On iOS: When you press the ">" symbol to add/create a new Dashboard, a spinner icon will appear for a few moments then disappear and nothing happens. [xyz-ihs snippet="NBSP"]
  • On Android and Windows Mobile: When you press the ">" symbol to add/create a new Dashboard, a red bar error will appear reading "You are not authorized to perform the requested operation." and the back button must be pressed to return to SmartTiles (Connect).
Please do not Remove (uninstall) "SmartTiles (Connect)" unless you have no Dashboards you wish to keep: **Removing will delete all of your dashboards and their configurations and they cannot be recovered!**

Possible workaround:

  1. Visit the SmartTiles Install Page and run installation again.
  2. You may then find you have 2 instances of "SmartTiles (Connect)" listed under your SmartApps. One will be the "+006" shared edition with the above problem, the other will be the "+001" or "+002" published edition that we believe is functioning correctly at this time. You can create up to 5 Dashboards on this published edition and continue to use and modify any still functioning dashboards on the "+006" edition. You may choose to remove (uninstall) that "+006" edition to simplify your account; but see warning above: all dashboards will be permanently removed too!

Both instances of “SmartTiles (Connect)” have the same name and similar icon; we changed the SmartTiles “shared OAuth” edition (+006 version) icon color to blue to help distinguish these two editions, and the Version number has a “-Blue” suffix now.

connect-icon-blue = original installations of "shared OAuth" edition of "SmartTiles (Connect) -Blue"; these are all likely affected by this bug.

connect-icon[1] = newer installations; the "published" edition of "SmartTiles (Connect)"; these are likely not affected by this bug.

Please check back here from time to time, read updates on our News Page, and follow SmartTiles’s Twitter feed: @SmartTiles

@slagle and/or @jody.albritton : Could you please look into the this problem at your earliest convenience? :pray: Thank-you! :sweat:

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I’m going to guess you meant @slagle and @jody.albritton:slight_smile:

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Thanks for the heads up. I lost a dashboard and wasn’t able to create it due to “You are not authorized to perform this action”

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At this point we think that the workaround of Installing the Published release of SmartTiles is the permanent solution.

Everyone can continue to use and edit existing Dashboards under “SmartTiles (Connect)-Blue”, but can only create/add/re-add dashboards under SmartTiles Connect with the green icon.

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And in English to a non-programmer, non GitHub aficionado, this means what exactly?

I am in the same boat, can’t create my 5th tile

BTW, why the 5 tile limit?


You mean 5th SmartTiles Dashboard right? (Also called a “child dashboard under the SmartTiles (Connect) parent SmartApp”?

If your SmartTiles (Connect) icon is Blue, then go to and follow the steps. You’ll then have a green icon version of SmartTiles (Connect) under your list of SmartApps, and it can have it’s own 5 dashboards.

We limit to 5 dashboards to manage possible (but unlikely) impact on the SmartThings Cloud, and set ourselves up for a possible tiered pricing strategy.

Thank you for the quick reply. I now have a Green icon. Haven’t created all 5 dashboards yet but I trust they will work when the time comes


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##We now consider this problem resolved.

The “shared OAuth” edition of SmartThings is now called “-Blue” edition, to distinguish it from the “published OAuth” edition.

It is no longer possible to install the Blue edition nor add any dashboards to it if you already have it installed. All existing installations of the Blue edition (including all existing child dashboards) should continue to function normally and will be the first to receive any updates or bug-fixes … this is now our production Beta stream. We call it Blue … because it was easy to change the icon to a blue version:

If you install SmartTiles again (don’t uninstall Blue unless you no longer want that edition and wish to permanently delete all its dashboards…), you will (also) get the “published” edition, with slots for 5 dashboards, under the traditional official Green icon for “SmartTiles (Connect)”:

For more detail, please see the SmartTiles News Post.