iOS v10.3.3 Presence Not Working

Presence detection was working fine until a few weeks ago. Now my iPhone’s presence or loss of presence isn’t detected at all and my wife’s iPhone presence detection is slower than it used to be. I’ve tried rebooting my phone, rebooting my hub, logging out of and back into the SmartThings app, and deleting and reinstalling the SmartThings app.

Is anyone else (on iOS v10) having issues with ST app presence? What else can I try to remediate this issue?


I’m having the same thing. IPhone has appeared twice for around 8 minutes in the last week. Before that it wasn’t recognised for about 3 weeks. I’ve tried the same things to get it online but seems to be a new bug.
My 2 presence sensors are quite unreliable too, randomly leaving and returning despite being in the same place on the counter close to the hub, causing the alarm to trigger.
Noticed it being a lot worse since moving house a month ago-added a Hive hub and BT Infinity instead of Virgin cable. Existing Hue hub also part of the setup.
Very frustrating when this is supposed to be a smart home system that automates the security of your home.
Suggestions welcome.