The Panel option needs to allow specific scenes to be chosen

I’m using the new SmartThings app. From the Dashboard menu, under Settings, SmartThings Panel, I can choose what Devices appear on the Panel, but the Scenes option is an all-or-nothing choice. As I set up various bits of automation, the Scenes list on the Panel becomes so cluttered as to be useless.

I can can choose whether a scene appears on the dashboard. I’d really really like to be able to choose which scenes appear on the Panel.

iOS or Andorid? On iOS you can pick specific scenes to add to your dashboard.



To be clear, I can choose which scenes appear on my dashboard. But there’s a panel that can be found by dragging from the top of the screen on an Android, along with an assortment of Android shortcuts. There’s an added bit from SmartThings that has the list of All scenes.

Screen shot?

You asked just as I was preparing one.

Cool! Definitely nothing like that on iOS.

I do not see the SmartThings Panel as an option on my android device :slight_smile:

Designers don’t seem to put the same cool things on both platforms. Usually it’s iOS that has the cooler toys.

Anyway, since there is a difference, here is what I have.

In the new SmartThings app, from the dashboard menu, choose Settings

From the next menu, turn on SmartThings Panel. Then tap on the name.

The items under Home can be chosen individually, but right above that you can see that the switch for Scenes is an all or nothing choice. This is where I’d like to be able to choose what scenes appear on the Panel.

I found it in the new SmartThings app, not Classic. If you haven’t yet checked back on the thread, I posted some screen shots of the menus.


Turn on Scenes, then tap on the name. A whole 'nother menu appears, allowing me to choose which Scenes I want.

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I am looking in the STSC app not the classic app. It is not an option in settings

Now that’s annoying. I hope it’s a new feature Samsung is rolling out, rather than one they’re going to roll up.