Smartthings Widget via Siri via IOS Shortcuts?

Hi, I kinda hate to do this here because I know this is mostly an issue around IOS and Widgets and Shortcuts - and not quite a Smartthings problem at root. However, I’ve searched up and down the web and cannot find anything so here goes.

I want to use Siri voice control to tell my iPhone “Siri, turn on the porch light” and have it do exactly that.

I have a Smartthings widget on my IOS home screen, the one that you drag to the right and from your left appear your notifications and widgets. As it’s easy to tap the widget and it turns on the porch light, to my mind it should be easy for Siri to run that widget by voice.

I just can’t find how to accomplish that.

I downloaded the ‘Shortcuts’ app, and it doesn’t seem to do that. All the searches I’ve done instead tell me I can add shortcut widgets to the home screen, but that does not really help.

Am I missing something obvious?

I don’t know a way but I do know that Alexa works on iPhones. Even hands free with the Amazon Music App…

Siri, open up Amazon Music
Alexa, do blah blah

Not the most convenient but works…

Here is an example of how you can do it via Webcore.

… or you can search the forum for “Homebridge” for a full HomeKit integration.

Odd. The endpoint works fine from within the phone’s browser, but does not work from within the Shortcut.

It does work. I have many of these types of shortcuts. You probably have it set up wrong.

That said, I’m hoping Smartthings adds Siri shortcut integration natively in iOS 13 to make this easier.