Integrating Homekit with my full SmartThings setup? (2019)

Hey everyone, I have been a smartthings user from day 1 of my home automation journey (lightswitches, locks, open/close sensors, motion sensors, etc.).

Just until this last month, I was using Android phones, Google home, etc. to control everything, and it was great.

I recently switched to an iPhone (and my wife as well), and I’m getting pretty frustrated with not being able to just say ‘hey siri, turn on x lights’. Instead I have to say “hey siri, ok google, wait 5 seconds for it to open google assistant, turn on x lights”.

I have tried researching if there is a way to integrate ST devices with Homekit, but I’m struggling with finding recent information and guides. It looks like homebridge is pretty much the only option in town, but most of the information I can find is from 2015-2017.

Long story short, are there any recent detailed guides on getting homebridge setup? (ie. installation guide + how to add some basic devices). I have a few spare Raspberry Pi’s around, so hopefully those will work for what I need. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

You are correct, the primary method is HomeBridge. Or buying devices like the Phillips hue bridge that will work with both HomeKit and smartthings. The information hasn’t changed much.

The only thing that’s really new is now you should be able to use Siri shortcuts as well for some use cases so you can use Siri with SmartThings controlled devices if all you want is Siri voice control. But the shortcut method doesn’t give you any of the other HomeKit features.

There’s an active thread if you want to go to the homebridge route. People there should be able to answer any questions about that process:

There’s a list in the community wiki on devices that work with both smartthings and HomeKit. There aren’t many, but there are some, and if you select carefully you can cover many tasks.

And here’s the thread on Shortcuts. Setup is clunky and you don’t get to use any of the other HomeKit features, but if all you want is Siri voice control of your smartthings devices, take a look at it:

iOS Shortcut Options?


Thank you, JD! You are a legend. I can only hope ST pays you for all the great work you do around here.

I’ll start diving in on homebridge asap :slight_smile:

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