iOS presence not working (august 2023)

Yeah tried that and it doesn’t work.
And it now keeps on doing weird stuff like giving me messages on my phone my locations is controlled by another phone.
It randomly disables routines due to location device changes even though there have been no changes.
The quality of this software is atrocious, I give up.

can you go through all the steps you took. Is this in regards to your wife’s phone? she was logged in on her phone with her account? no chance you logged in to make any changes or she is not using your account?

She has a separate account. She’s the second user in the hub.
The list you made above.

  • disabling “get location for this iPhone” in the app
  • removing the app from your phone
  • power off your iPhone for 30 seconds and power it back up
  • login to Advanced Web App and ensure the phone has been removed from your list of devices (don’t delete here - only check that that it was removed. Note there are two phone devices per user)
  • reinstall the app /fresh install)
  • enable “get location for this iPhone” in the app
  • rebuild your Routines

But now when I added her it’s also messing up my location services.

she is the one who is logged in when you did all the changes on her phone?

One account on her phone and another one on mine.

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contact ST support to see if they can resolve it.