IOS Delete Devices

How the heck do you delete devices in the IOS app now? There used to be a delete option when you clicked on a device and went to edit, but it’s no longer there. I know you can go to the general exclusion and exclude there, but what about devices that aren’t responding or already gone?

They moved it to long pressing on the device tile in the room

From the device screen for your location, click the three dots in the top right and there should be a Remove Device option

Room view might be a better description :slight_smile:

Yes you’re correct

It’s a real pain…have to long hold it in the right spot otherwise the tile jumps and makes the bubble go away.

More annoying than the delete action from a routine, which requires you hit the symbol completely…otherwise it opens it.

And, I’ve been doing lots of deletes, as I migrate from one set of virtual drivers to another set.