BackgroundColors management under iOS

Hi there,

I never got any answer on the forum on a thing that really annoys me regarding the Tiles backgroundcolors (i.e. associated to value ranges).

Reading the ST documentation, I don’t see any limitation in using the backgroundcolors with iOS.
Additionally, I use the recommended colors #rrggbb to make sure I am consistent with ST color codes.
Of course, it behaves normally on Android.

The iOS keeps desperately white when using backgroundcolors.
(It however displays single background color), any idea?

@tgauchat, do you use this on your side and face the same problem or I am the only one?


I haven’t used it recently.

I do recall Tile colors not working right … far too often. Maybe Android vs iOS…?

Right… but what I don’t understand is why this would not be called out in the documentation if this is really something ST doesn’t plan to make working on iOS for some GUI consistency reason with the rest of iOS.

Do you happen to know anyone at ST that could confirm that?


Oh there are lots of mysterious things at SmartThings. They should be called “MysteriousThings”.

SmartThings doesn’t publish their Bug database; so we can’t be sure what is noted as a bug, what is in progress, and what is on the back-burner.

We can tag @Jim, @slagle and perhaps a couple other engineers on occasion and they might know and share the latest status of any particular quirk. There might even be a more up to date post here on the Forum with some new conclusions, but it’s hard to search for.