IOS app "Something's wrong"

You sir, are a genius. This fixed my issue completely. Thank you!!

Only item remaining since the update is a GE switch that seems stuck in offline mode. You guys think it could be anything related? I tried a power cycle on it and nothing.

I really love those updates :frowning:

Have included, excluded, reset, changed handlers, did a full factory reset and even Made a new Samsung account and STILL having troubles


Are you still having issues? I deployed a change to production that should hopefully fix this for you. My changes went out about an hour after your post. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve tryed Some refreshes and looks like ot’s achting normal.

The only strange thing now is the SmartThings icon…
But iT does refresh :slight_smile:
Many thanks :

That is strange :confused:

I’m planning a follow-up deploy on Monday to fix a few other things so I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on there.

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ios app button press response slow, very slow, as in need to press for one second… ipad and iphone…

These issues should be resolved now. You can read more about it here: Recent Tile Bugs (2.14.0)

Let me know about that slow response, though. I wasn’t able to reproduce that myself.