iOS App - Not Loading - Spinning Circles

Had constant network connection warnings over the last couple of weeks, and I was unable to add a smart app. I decided to delete the app, clear safari cookies and reinstall. Now after I log in it fails to load anything at all. Just the spinning waiting wheel. This is on iPhone and iPad.

Any thoughts where to go from here? Calling Samsung is my last resort.

On your iPhone, try turning off wifi and testing if the app loads.

Just curious since you mentioned it… what smartapp were you trying to install?

You should report the issue to ST support. :slight_smile:

Have you recently tried to remove any devices using the ST app?

I have tried Wi-Fi and cellular but no change.

The smart app is Tado Connect. I had Tado hardware at home that failed so I replaced it and couldn’t figure out how to reconnect the smart app to the new hardware.

I ended up deleting the devices and smart app so I could set up as new. The app still worked after I deleted the smart app, but because I wasn’t able to install it again I tried removing and reinstalling SmartThings and now I can’t see anything.

Login to IDE at

Go to Devices and make sure all those devices were removed. If not remove them… then test if your app will load.

If the problem persists, remove any custom code for Tado Connecti in the smartapps and device handler sections, then try the app to see if it loads.

Just deleted any remnants (device handlers, all else was already removed) and the app still fails to load.

Uninstall the ST app once more and reinstall. If that fails, I believe you should contact ST support and get them to investigate.

The odd thing is a few users have reported the same iOS app issue recently after removing/reinstalling the app but I never saw if any were able to resolve it. Throw in last weeks iOS update that resulted in the spinning circle for several users.

One last thing to mention… you should be able to login to to access your devices :slight_smile:

Interesting - that link says I have no devices. It recognises my routines and rooms, but no devices at all.

I remember once where someone discovered they had an issue with one of their rooms or one of their devices not assigned to a room that caused an issue with their app loading. But I can’t remember the details.

Best to let support help you at this point. They can investigate and see things that normal users can’t.

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Reload the page, sometimes it times out trying to load the device or automations a refresh usually fixes it.

So this is the response from support. I think it’s BS if it’s been working as-is for years and all of a sudden nothing.

Reading all devices, handlers, apps will take forever as some devices are not easy to physically access. Am some apps also needed lots of fiddling to get working.

I am considering throwing it all in the bin.

We’ve noticed the same thing about the ‘No connection’ pop-ups occurring on the present iOS version of the app and will pass this on to the Development Team.

Unfortunately, in regard to your second point, there won’t be an easy resolution as we’ve noticed you’re currently connected to the NA01 shard for the USA, rather then EU01 for the UK. It’s region dependent so there will be compatibility issues like you’re experiencing. The best resolution would be to start again from scratch and add the Hub to the correct EU01 shard, but this will be inconvenient as it will entail having to re-add each device again.

Sorry for the trouble this will put you to.

Whose fault is that then? You don’t get asked where your Location should be set up.

We are always told that redirects you to the correct shard for your account. Well my main account redirects to NA01 (graph) and that is where my main Location is. I wish it wasn’t because I have to suffer status reports for the Americas, and when my hubs go offline at 7am GMT as they did this morning I have to wait for the Eastern seaboard to wake up and complain before they get fixed.

A Location set up more recently on the same account does seem to be on EU01. I didn’t set it up there, that is where it appeared.

My second account initially redirected to NA04 and created Locations there but now seems to go to NA01. I can’t remember if I deleted and recreated it but it changed. Other family accounts seem to redirect to EU01.

Honestly the thought of having to start from scratch, resetting the hub, add every (about 100 devices, 15 handlers, 10 smartapps including heavy webcore stuff) fills me with dread especially when some devices are in the loft or generally in places not easily accessible.

The frustrating thing is that it feels like something that ought to be doable by copying the data to the right place and changing one value in a database. Same as changing the owner of a Location should be although the latter is at least an own goal on the user’s part.

I am not sure there even were regional shards when I first set up SmartThings but it is certainly only relatively recently that creating a new Location from my account resulted in an EU01 based one. NA01 should be considered as international.

NA01 has been inaccessible for three hours for me. Swings and roundabouts though. The lack of immediate support in the UK means I can’t usefully report a service fault wherever it is. At least with NA01 it will eventually be noticed by users who can report it. That said it seems to be a more ISP specific issue this time.