iOS app logging out consistently

Yep. Hence my post above. I’ve got a VERY BASIC setup. No routines or smart apps because of the frustration at this point.

All I’m asking ST to do is recognize presence and utilize SHM when we are gone/asleep.

It won’t do either at this point.

Same here- keep getting logged out. What’s even more annoying is that the last time it happened it wouldn’t accept my password and I had to change it!

I am having the same issue. Normally I just sigh and log in again. However it is now beyond the point of a sigh. I know there are no monthly fees or anything associated with Smartathings but when I back a project in Kickstarter and continue to shell out money buying new sensors and such I expect the app that manages them to let me log in. I tried logging in just now and I keep getting the error: internet connection issue, please try again. I contacted support about this and other issues and was told that this and my other issue with SHM are being looked into but no ETA. I understand no ETA as to not commit but this is beyond unacceptable at this point.

What to do??? What to do???

+1 here too

been a long time ST user and never had this consistent an issue before. It makes the security features of the system useless because it has no idea ive left the house.

A temporary solution is to use an external service for presence such as Life360. My wife and I use Life360 and once configured with a geofence around our house it’s spot on and has yet to miss a beat. It is a more isolated and stable service and doesn’t rely on the development team at SmartThings to fix the problem.

The apps SOLE PURPOSE is to be as precise as it can with managing your location and reporting it back out to the people in your life. It does a great job at it too.

Give it a try! At least until the login issue is resolved.

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This happens with me all the time! Resetting the Apple Watch and logging in is annoying! Issues In New App

Well Well Well… Guys? What are you doing? Drop the beers and GET TO WORK AND FIX THIS !

I read many reviews online and it really looks like this is still the best product. But make sure to not just be the least bad product.

Is this a problem with iOS background app refresh? If not then it should be relatively simple to fix. If you’re struggling with this it’s probably because you’re not looking in the right direction. Often in development issues the solution is right in front of us! I know from experience. Please, fix it or, I don’t know, allow the community to fully a access the software parameters and base code so we can at least try to figure it out.

I love SmartThings! But this bug as well as so many recent instabilities is going to force me to move on! I’m giving ST until next next week to resolve and then I’m out! I can do 90% of my automation now combining various systems and much more reliable automation logic.

I do not doubt ST is working to resolve, but no communication or updates on this and many other recent issues concerns me. I care and want this system to work, so I am speaking up!

The first post in this thread was 13 days ago. I’m still being logged out constantly. Please fix this. There can be no more excuses. This clearly isn’t an “Apple won’t approve our update” issue.

The problem started well before the latest iOS app version was released. I don’t think this is an app issue, but something server-side.

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Add me to the list of those completely infuriated by this bug and the silence. I was just telling someone a few weeks ago to buy into SmartThings, and today I told them to just forget it due to things like this. I’ve had it. My non tech-savvy wife has had it.

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I just had to re-enter email and password. I probably have to do it every 2 or 3 days if I go into the App. I have avoided using the App because of that. Nice if this could be fixed! I also have about 10 lights that turn on and off on a set schedule and noticing that not all the lights turn on consistently either. Would love a fix for both of these things! Thanks.

Hi folks - beyond my “me too” post about the log-out bug, I would also like to echo the desire for fingerprint / Touch ID support. I happen to be on the iOS platform so that would really be great.

Just received an email that a platform update is coming this Thursday; while that is targeted toward the hub rather than the mobile app, I wonder if there is any connection or relationship here?

Hub software updates and app updates have not traditionally been done together.

Bump. Same issue. Driving my pregnant wife crazy, as her presence isn’t triggering routines because she’s logged out daily.

This is really disappointing, and something that should be caught in test before hurting consumers. You guys need more testers? I’m sure some of us would volunteer to ensure others don’t have terrible experiences.

At this point I’m tempted to give Wink a try. I have one of their hubs collecting dust in a closet. I know it isn’t nearly as robust as SmartThings, but at this point I’d settle for something that actually works.

I am surprised by 2 weeks with no re-assurances by smartthings that they even recognize the issue, have a solution planned, in production, ready to roll out, or rolling out. Nor even an explanation of what exactly causes this issue, temporary workarounds, etc!

For almost 26 hours my wifes phone seemed to track her presence fine, and then it broke again. What are the factors?

I have an internal build that hasn’t logged me out in a while. So there’s progress being made :smile:. Now if we could only get the Apple Approval process to be shorter.


Sorry @slagle I didnt see this post. Is there any chance you can explain what the logout issue is (if we can reduce the factors cause it to happen) some have identified widgets are an issue, but others have never used the widgets.

:Mumbles: stupid apple, stupid updates, stupid rollout, stupid process.


Nice way to deflect the issue :). Seriously, this problem has haunted the iOS mobile app for a good 6 months and now has gotten worse. Apple has an emergency update for bug fixes like this so I hardly doubt their approval process is to blame. TouchiD has been out for 1.5 years now and ST has yet to implement it which would at least minimize the pain here. Implementing TouchID is very little development work.