iOS app logging out consistently

Same issue here, and it’s getting real old Smartthings please fix it!

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So they told me to respond here… WTF people, get your shit together. I have several pro cyclist living at my house currently and we use this app and system so the house and garage locks when we leave and when we comeback from rides. All of sudden one IPhone alway shows here, after deleting app, resetting hub the guys phone just shows he is here. The other two phones constantly log out… Since we have 40k in bikes in the garage will you or Samsung be paying to replace them if stolen because your app failed to do what its supped to do and flawlessly did for 4 months? POS

I’m a little frustrated that I emailed in about the problem on I believe Sunday and still haven’t gotten any response. Their chat is always offline or unavailable. I don’t recall a time when opening a ticket has gone this long with out any sort of response and I’ve been with them since the beginning.

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I have been hitting this bug for over two weeks now. It is ultra-annoying and REMOVES my widgets from my homescreen even after I log back in.

The Smarthings app was updated a few days ago and it’s still broken.

Very disappointed … but hey at least I can buy a Smarthings USB dongle for my Samsung TV! roll eyes

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How are the demos at CES going if our things continue to fail here? Doesn’t look good…

happens ALL the time for me…2-3 times already today.

I guess I will join the list of folks frustrated. I understand that an iOS app update takes time. But, @slagle, I (we all) would really appreciate it if you can give updates like ‘team is testing the fix’, ‘send to Apple for appreview’ etc.

In between, I work in Software Dev and it is very very unfortunate (from SmartThings Dev Org Point of View) that such a major issue got missed in your QA. Also, are there any workarounds? I just got into ST and was trying to get my family adopt it. This is making it tough.

Can someone at SmartThings provide an update on this issue? As I don’t get notifications when I’m not logged in and the app refuses to stay logged in, ST is pretty much useless for monitoring purposes right now. @slagle?

What’s really (frustrating, demeaning, insulting, hilarious, ironic, etc) is that I got an email yesterday to sign up for 24/7 monitoring at a discounted rate. Really?

This issue alone completely eliminates presence sensing thus eliminating 90% of what I utilize the system for - and they want to sell me additional services? Services that require their ability to adequately monitor the presence of occupants. Something they can’t do.

How on Earth can someone (continue to) green light a monitoring service when this platform is in its current condition?

It’s very clear to me the people making these decisions do not have a full understanding of the current platform issues and current state of things or they are simply running out of time before Samsung squashes things. Samsung bought ST to become more profitable and the only way to do that is to grow the business. This means service subscription referrals such as for Video camera, ADT and Scout. Clearly it makes sense to stabilize the platform before expanding it, but some business executives who either have no regard for how it will turn out OR doesn’t understand the issues is making these decisions. I’ve seen bad business decisions in IT made many times before where upgrades, integrations, etc. are rushed bc of pressure from management who doesn’t have a good understanding of the challenges. Often with large companies such as Samsung with a Board of Directors and many layers of senior and middle management, this happens. I am not making excuses for them, but we are all being logical from a technical perspective and we all know, there are many illogical business decisions made on a day to day basis everywhere.

I’ll agree.

But many of us saw this as a concern when the acquisition was announced. We were promptly assured by Alex and the ST team that “things” would not change. While it’s still an open-source platform, everything else has fallen into ruins.

So, I guess what I’d like at this point is communication. More than roadmaps and agendas. I’d like solid updates.

I think it’s fair to say the fears we had when the acquisition took place have come to fruition. While the platform ran into instability and performance issues which would still have been the case, but the partnerships and competing priorities with companies such as BMW, Scout, etc. are resources spent carelessly. Yes, I understand different teams work on these, but this is money coming out of the ST budget that could have been spent on more important priorities. You only get so many $$$, use them wisely…

I hate to say v2 hub was rushed as it was a good 6 months behind schedule, but it clearly wasn’t ready and they made way too many promises and under delivered. They need a PR exec more than anything :smile:

I discovered a new annoyance/failure related to this bug. I hit it last night and said “screw it, I’ll just” to see the status of my things, so I didn’t log back in. Today I couldn’t figure out why when my wife left the house this morning (hours after I left), that my automatic away rules did not trigger.

Sure enough, being force logged out by this bug breaks presence sensing on the iPhone as well as widgets.

Simply terrible. I’m quickly losing faith in Smartthings as a platform I can use with any expectation of reliability.

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Yep. Hence my post above. I’ve got a VERY BASIC setup. No routines or smart apps because of the frustration at this point.

All I’m asking ST to do is recognize presence and utilize SHM when we are gone/asleep.

It won’t do either at this point.

Same here- keep getting logged out. What’s even more annoying is that the last time it happened it wouldn’t accept my password and I had to change it!

I am having the same issue. Normally I just sigh and log in again. However it is now beyond the point of a sigh. I know there are no monthly fees or anything associated with Smartathings but when I back a project in Kickstarter and continue to shell out money buying new sensors and such I expect the app that manages them to let me log in. I tried logging in just now and I keep getting the error: internet connection issue, please try again. I contacted support about this and other issues and was told that this and my other issue with SHM are being looked into but no ETA. I understand no ETA as to not commit but this is beyond unacceptable at this point.

What to do??? What to do???

+1 here too

been a long time ST user and never had this consistent an issue before. It makes the security features of the system useless because it has no idea ive left the house.

A temporary solution is to use an external service for presence such as Life360. My wife and I use Life360 and once configured with a geofence around our house it’s spot on and has yet to miss a beat. It is a more isolated and stable service and doesn’t rely on the development team at SmartThings to fix the problem.

The apps SOLE PURPOSE is to be as precise as it can with managing your location and reporting it back out to the people in your life. It does a great job at it too.

Give it a try! At least until the login issue is resolved.

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This happens with me all the time! Resetting the Apple Watch and logging in is annoying! Issues In New App

Well Well Well… Guys? What are you doing? Drop the beers and GET TO WORK AND FIX THIS !

I read many reviews online and it really looks like this is still the best product. But make sure to not just be the least bad product.

Is this a problem with iOS background app refresh? If not then it should be relatively simple to fix. If you’re struggling with this it’s probably because you’re not looking in the right direction. Often in development issues the solution is right in front of us! I know from experience. Please, fix it or, I don’t know, allow the community to fully a access the software parameters and base code so we can at least try to figure it out.