App logging off

Anyone else having issues with their app logging them off?

Mine did it last night. I can’t remember if there was an app update that might have done it or not. Sometimes they can force that if they have a security scare, so lets hope that’s not the case.


I have had this issue the last few weeks. I am on an iPhone. I contacted support the second time it happened within a day, but at the time they found no issues on there end.

There are known issues with the native App access-token (heck, all access-token’s) being too long lived, so I would not be surprised if someone at SmartThings is trying to address it.

I would also completely unsurprised if they are experimenting with this in production and in secret because it is a security issue and Christmas and someone is being ambitious.

I’m 100% serious; but speculating, as usual.


Yeah, it has happened to me 4 times in the last week. It is annoying cuz you have to reconfigure the Apple Watch widgets everytime.

Secret or not… It still causes an issue with running my stuff.

I have had this problem since mid september. I’ve had a few tickets with support but no real solution… just some questions which i answered but then they went silent. They’re usually helpful so it must be a known issue they’re not admitting to?

it did stop doing it for a week but has been back on and off since then.

quite annoying.

The worst part of this bug is the fact you have to go back and turn back on your Widgets for them to appear again in the iOS Today Screen, along with your Apple Watch app. Grrrr…