Latest IOS app crashes

(Joel W) #1

My IOS app has been crashing every once in awhile when I press a switch on or off in things. Anyone else have this problem?


On rare occasions it has happened to me a few times but not often enough to be a problem. Have you tried rebooting your iOS device? It also sometimes helps to swipe away a bunch of background apps by first double clicking the home button to reveal all your apps that have been opened.

(Joel W) #3

I never keep apps open other than my AirMail app and SmartThings. Also tried rebooting, still does it every few times.


What version iOS are you running? Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a lot you can do on an iOS device to improve your situation. Are you also running the latest version of the SmartThings app?

(Mario Fuchs) #5

I’ve been getting these crashes too since the last week approx. iOS 10.3.1, ST App 2.3.0

(Joel W) #6

I am on 10.3 and have been getting these crashes since 10.2.