iOS 9 App Performance

(Anthony S.) #1

Just figured I would post. That holy crap does this app run fast on iOS 9. The pages transition and load content much quicker than with the previous os

(Ron S) #2

Where did you get iOS 9?

(Chuckles) #3

The first beta was released today for those with an Apple Developer account.

Public beta is scheduled for July.

(Anthony S.) #4

I’m sorry I should have mentioned it was a beta and I have a dev account.

(Bruce) #5

I just installed iOS 9 on an iPad. Same experience – way faster.

(Ron S) #6

Did you get a speeding ticket? :wink: I got one for driving too slow on the fast lane (iOS 8.3).

(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #7

@bravenel @tonesto7 Did you guys see any impact on mobile presence with IOS 9? better ? Worse? no Change?

(Bruce) #8

I put it on my iPhone as well, with the same result. It seems to be much faster.

(Bruce) #9

I didn’t have any issues with mobile presence before (except for one time a few months ago), so I’m not much help… The ST mobile app performing better with iOS 9 is clearly an iOS improvement. I never understood what the point of failure is with mobile presence with iOS devices.

(Brice; #10

@tonesto7, how’s the stability in general for iOS 9? I’ve haven’t installed it anywhere yet and am curious if its in a state yet that is worth playing with.

(Jose S) #11

so far it’s the most stable first beta I’ve ever used. I’ve been using them since iOS 4…

(Anthony S.) #12

@Jsalicru @obycode
It’s pretty stable. I’ve just noticed that for some reason today that it was getting hot and chewing through battery like crazy. 5% in 5 minutes is pretty quick. It’s likely all of the logging and Metrics. Other than that it’s very smooth

(Anthony S.) #13

The only time i ever had an issue was when my wifi was off.

(Jose S) #14

The one thing I’ve noticed is that it does chew through battery life. Noticed it but I also just got my Apple Watch so setting it up, etc made it a heavy use day.

(Joe Rose) #15

I don’t know which version you have, but iOS9 on a 5S and iPad Air 2 is slow and glitchy. Screen rotation bug is killing me on the iPad. If you launch the app while in landscape mode, the app displays portrait mode, with a landscape box. Cutting half the screen off. It will not redraw or respond to orientation changes. You must kill the app in task switcher, and make sure you only start the app, while in portrait orientation.

Also there is a weird stutter, while scrolling the things view, every row of icons stutters while loading. Scrolling isn’t smooth.