IOS 7.1.1 and Mobile Presence

I am just setting up ST. I have my phone (iPhone5 IOS 8.1) and mobile presence works great on it. I am trying to setup my wife’s phone (iPhone5 IOS 7.1.1 and I cannot get it to detect when she leaves or arrives, I set hers up with a new account shared to mine. When I initially set hers up it shows her as being present and has not changed since. I checked all of her settings and they match mine. Her Location Services is turned on for the ST app although her version of IOS only has an on/off switch where mine has the option to set it to Never, While using the app and Always.
Do I need to set the “Background App Refresh” on for the app for her?
I don’t have this option turned on at all for my phone (neither does she).

She refuses to update the OS right now because “everything is working fine now” lol


You have to have background app refresh on both the phones and of course she has to leave the geofence to refresh it. Photos is not required.

Scott, there has been many instances when I had to update the lady’s iPhone and iPad while she is sleeping. Honestly. She found it out and password protected it. You can never win.

Due to pre holidays burglaries in our neighboring township, I was able to convince her to keep the app always running and the importance. Of course over selling it. :wink: