iOS 2.2.5 - Release Notes

SmartThings iOS 2.2.5 includes several fixes for performance and enhanced stability. A couple key fixes include:

  • Adding more VoiceOver support during the Setup Experience
  • Fixed Email address validation during signup
  • Fixed Login issues with some passwords
  • Fixed State inconsistency issues when resuming the app
  • Fixed Reported crash when pairing some devices
  • Updated Today Widget to fit more text
  • Other crash fixes

When will this version be released?

Now :slight_smile:

Thanks, but not here yet. Apple most be releasing it in dribs and drabs.

It can take some time to propagate.

Yes I figured that. Big day just got my Beta for IOS and OS x 10.12.4. Lots to play with.

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Just came through, and installed.

When will then be now?


Major Asshole: We just missed it.
Darth Vader: When?!
Major Asshole: Just now…

I see what you did there :wink:
Always a good laugh, Brooks…


Thank you!!

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