iOS 2.2.3 - Release Notes?

Just had iTunes deliver me a new version 2.2.3 of the SmartThings Mobile app. However, the release notes are identical to the release notes of 2.2.2.

@slagle care to comment on what actually is new in this version?

Can’t you just expand the updated app in the App Store and see the release notes there? I am looking at them right now myself…

I can - the issue is that what is listed is the same as for the previous version :cry:

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Fair enough, I didn’t recall what was in the previous version :slight_smile:

2.2.3 was a hotfix to address a crasher in the 2.2.2 build

Thanks for the info - it would be nice if the release notes in the App Store would reflect that rather than listing the changes for the previous version…

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Anyone update to 2.2.3? I never trust ST updates wondering if this one is safe. 2.2.2 seems first good version I have seen in…well …forever.