iOS 2.12.0 released (12/13/17)

Just popped up as an update.

Changes include location-specific permissions and improvements in presence tracking.

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Funny. Presence was somewhat working, (maybe 70% of the time) but after the update last night, I can’t get it to show me away even though I am 30 miles away. I have left it open for a few minutes now and it will not change.

I am extremely tired of how unreliable this is.

Edit - Finally refreshed to show me away.

I’ve been doing a combo of life360 and network to detect presence until they get the smartthings working properly. Not a fan of having to install the life360 also on the phone but it works.

I added both phones in my house to the smartthings presence and one phone reported right away, and the other didn’t update for at least 30 mins as well to the proper presence. But I’m going to give it a few days and see.

I see my email address listed twice as owner under Manage Users. Not sure if it is a result of this update or from the account migration. I am sure I checked after the migration but I can’t remember.

Same here. I believe, or rather assume that is a result of my participation in the account migration beta.

I noticed it yesterday before the app update and created a bug in centercode if yall want to go upvote it.