iOS 1.6.36-297 released 8/9/19

iOS 1.6.36 is out. Anyone notice anything new? It came out sooner than normal release, so maybe it fixes the frequent logout issue?

I haven’t noticed any changes.

You might have a typo… or youre a time traveler… 8/19/19 is in 2 weeks


Just trying to speed August along!


I’m new (second day!) to using SmartThings on an iPhone.

All worked fine when I installed it and added my devices yesterday, then, after a couple of hours, the iPhone App shuts down as soon as I attempt to access my new Samsung AKG VL3 smart speaker

I have deleted and reinstalled both the device and the iPhone app as well as resetting the speaker.

Nothing works and I cant find any thread that seems to address the issue (the only official help talks about the app hanging… not bombing out)

Any thoughts / suggestions to resolve would be very welcome.

  • SmartThings Version: 1.6.36-297

  • IoS Ver 12.4 running on an iPhone Xs Max

If you haven’t yet, reach out to support.