Can we go back to the old IDE?

The new login screen for graph.api.smartthings asks for email only first and prevents password managers from filling in the info. You have to manually type in your email, then click ok and it takes you to another splash screen that shows the email field again and then the password. Much less efficient.


I have mixed success with LastPass and the new login interface.

  1. I have to use the LastPass icon, not right-click.
  2. Sometimes it doesn’t work … I haven’t quite figured out the specific reason. I have Accounts on multiple shards (for ActionTiles testing), so perhaps there is some difference in shard implementation or in LastPass’s detection of the applicable password…?

One of the differences is that they at least fixed the shard issue if you just go straight to the main page. When you sign in to the link below it will take you to the appropriate shard.


This is such a tremendous improvement, it drives me insane that they haven’t assigned it a simple $10 domain like “”. W.T.F.? :confused:

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It’s Apple’s Safari keychain that doesn’t work for me. But that seems to be a minority application.