Inteset Product Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor

Inteset Product Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor and support link: Inteset Smart Home Device Set-Up - Forums

I got fed up with the sleek zigbee door/window open/close due to they mostly using 2450 / 2032 batteries which don’t last long. I have the original monoprice open/close sensors and they tend to last a lifetime. Unfortunately those have become pretty expensive at almost +$30 each.
Especially I have Samsung multipurpose sensors which last for me only 6 months!

I decided to go back to basics and found these. They are zwave plus uses CR122 batteries, stated to last minimum 2 years and its documentation is quite good including range. Yes, it doesn’t have the connection options to operate as a relay but I can live without it. Its quite sleek and good looking and frankly its magnet container + placement is better than most.

I had zero issues with adding them to the network and appear as default Zwave Door/Window Sensor.

Sharing for information purposes.