Setting up ST to work with Envisa link EVL-4EZ and DSC Alarm system

I’ve recently wired an EnvisaLink4 to an existing DSC Alarm 1616 controller. I can Arm/Disarm via Keypad or Eyezon App. Any ideas how I can get the system to communicate with ST Hub? I’ve seen a bit few posts regarding creating scripts to run, but really need an outline or starting point? Is there an app that tunnels in via the Eyezon API that exists?

Redloro has code that uses a proxy server to communicate to the envisalink

What I found from Redloro was for a Honeywell system. Does he have anything for DSC system. I’m new to this sound forgive my ignorance.

He is very responsive, I would recommend asking questions to him in regards to the envisalink

Thee is a huge topic here on interfacing the DSC to ST. Search for “alarmserver”.
Many forks by different guys. Instructions are a bit of a nest but lots of helpful guys if you can’t wrap your head around all the jargon or varied long threads.

Yeah, I’m pretty structure oriented so some of these posts lack details. I’ll look through the maze.