Integration with Yale locks

I am looking to buy Smart things V2 to replace our vera 3.

On the website, it states that the Smart Things V2 can work with:

  1. Yale YRD 210 (push button deadbolt w/Z-wave tech.)
  2. Yale YRL 220 /YRD 220 (touch screen door lock and deadbolt (respectively) w/Z-wave technology.)

However, there is no mention of YRL 210. (These are the push-button door locks w/Z-wave technology.)

Would Yale YRL 210’s be compatible or supported by your platform?
From my research, I have come to know that YRL 210 models have Z-wave certification under: #ZC08-12060009 (Z wave alliance data)



Yes? No?

I submitted a tech support ticket and no one has responded in over 4 days from their tech team…

More than likely, yes. I have the YRD version, which works flawlessly.