Integration with Separate Alarm System


I am currently using SimpliSafe for my home security system which I cannot integrate with some of my existing zWave sensors. I was hoping to utilize Frontpoint Security and leverage some of my other sensors. It is my understanding a zWave device can only talk to one network at a time. Basically, I was hoping to use a door sensor in both SmartThings and Frontpoint at the sae time. I don’t think it’s possible, but wanted to confirm.

There can only be one master controller that a z-wave device talks to. Some controllers are able to speak to other controllers and act as a secondary controller. So secondary controller would tell ST hub to control something and ST hub would tell the z-wave device. Not sure if Frontpoint would be able to do this.

Thanks! I would love to combine my security devices and my home automaton devices. Central Monitoring and cellular backup are requirements for me. I like Simplisafe but until an alarm company supports IFTTT I can’t see how that will work effectively.