FrontPoint Security Panel - GE Simon XT

(Rob B) #1

Is there any way to currently integrate a FrontPoint security GE Simon XT control panel or other frontpoint sensors? They seem to be Z-wave compatible. Just wondering if anyone had already done this or could offer me tips. Thanks!

(Alex) #2

That is a great idea. I was thinking the same thing. Could you use IFTTT? That means if you approach the house IFTTT disarms the system online. Of course, I would rather control the Simon XT but I do not think that Frontpoint will allow this. Since Frontpoint has their own Home Automation system for a monthly fee, why should they allow to control the sensors which are linked to their system with a no monthly fee system. Would be great though.

(Rocky Gregory) #3

So, the Frontpoint Simon XT has a z-wave radio, but the sensors use the GE Security stuff. You can add z-wave devices, I have my Kwikset door knobs all setup with my Frontpoint. I believe, though, that the z-wave devices can have only one “master” so it would be either the Frontpoint panel and app, or Smartthings.