My home is wired for a security system. Any way to take advantage of this to integrate a security system into ST?

I just purchase my ST and I’m waiting for it to arrive. I noticed the SimpliSafe2 is on woot today:

I need to decide today if I’m going to buy it. I know there were some workarounds to integrate this but I don’t have the time today to research and woot will only have this price today. I was hoping someone could break it down for me.

My end goal is a security system that integrates into ST. I’m also considering the Scout system, but it’s more expensive.

My home is pre-wired for a security system as well. I’m not sure if I could utilize that wiring in any way.

Thoughts? Ideas?

There’s a cloud to cloud integration with Simplisafe which is quite popular. Reading through that should give you a good feel for the integration.

Because SmartThings has an IFTTT channel, you can also get some indirect integration with any security system that has IFTTT, like Abode Security.

As far as your existing wired sensors, that just depends on the exact details. There may be something you can do with it, but it will probably require additional devices and some rewiring. So that may be doable, but it won’t be simple. Once you know what exact brand and model you have, just search the forums to see what people have done.

I am using the SimpliSafe 2 system with the integration into SmartThings and for the most part it works well. Basically, you still need to leverage SimpliSafe’s hardware but can enable/disable the alarm from Smartthings.

I was able to use the door and motion sensors pre-wired in my home to communicate directly to SmartThings. The only additional hardware needed was a NodeMCU ESP8266 board (about $10).

See my post here for details: Connect wired alarm system sensors to SmartThings with a NodeMCU ESP8266 [deprecated]

I was also able to take advantage of my existing DSC Alarm System using a 3rd party hardware device called Envisalink4 (EVL4) and an Alarm Server that runs on a Pi3. It is pretty easy to setup but can be confusing if you are not familiar with SmartThings.