SimpliSafe Alarm Integration?

Is anyone using the new SimpliSafe alarm? I’m wondering if it’s possible to integrate the alarm status, sensor status, etc. with ST. I know that there is an Alexa skill, but wondering what else is possible.

SimpliSafe is a walled garden. They don’t support integration with their system and I have made numerous requests to them. There was a thread on the Vera site where someone was able to reverse engineer their mobile device app protocol to work with arming and disarming on Vera but I haven’t looked at the code and wouldn’t be comfortable with that type of solution.


Thanks for the added info!

Do you know of any systems that integrate well? I have some friends who use simplisafe, and it seems like a good, well-priced security solution, but I’d also love to have everything integrated with the home automation. I’d hate to have to put two different door sensors on each door…

Search here for based systems. They seems to be the best integrated.

Check out the ADT Alarm Panel.

Do you know if the ADT sensors can be integrated with the ST Hub? I know they have an Alexa skill, as well, so that’s half the battle.

The dual logo Smartthings ADT sensors are fully integrated sensors for SmartThings. If you are thinking of ADT sensors from another system I doubt they will integrate at all.

You could fully automate your home with the dual logo sensors if you like.

Do you have a link to these sensors?

I was doing some reading about people who were using the ADT Portal as their main hub, and then the ST as a secondary. I don’t think that is the route I want to go. I’d love to the security system be its own independent thing, and the ST hub control the rest of the house, while also having access to the alarm sensors. It sounds like that is what you’re saying?

The ADT SmartThings security system is an ADT Alarm and Smartthings hub in one unit. You just need to need to make sure you buy the ADT Smartthings sensors if you want the sensor to report to ADT for monitoring. Any ADT Smartthing sensor can be used by Smartthings to do automatons.

There is no reason to run a ADT panel as main hub and a second Smartthings hub. The only reason I can think of someone may do that is if they already have a ton of stuff setup in SmartThings before getting the ADT SmartThings Panel, or there is some legacy functionality they are afraid to lose like something with Smart Home Monitor. There is a smartapp called ADT tools though that should help alleviate that as well.

Smartthings store with all ADT stuff.

Another thread I discussed this and went into detail about the ADT Smartthings panel

Thanks, Mavrrick58! I did some more research, and it seems like that could work. The only thing I don’t love is that the ADT hub only connects via WiFi. I think I’d be a lot more comfortable if I could hardwire it with ethernet.

I have ST WiFi with a router on each floor. Each has the Zigbee and Z-wave radio, given they are identical. I would think I would lose that using the ADT w/ST solution. Correct? Maybe I am wrong and the two slave routers turn off their radios?

I have Simplisafe and google home mini ($25 each at best buy on sale). It works fantastic. I just say, “ok google, I’m leaving/home.” It sets my nest thermostat to the proper setting and arms (won’t disarm). I’m pretty happy with the system I chose.

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since you also need a samsung hub to integrate to zigbee this seems like a perfect solution for me. thanks