Is Scout Alarm integration worth it?

Any users out there who opted for the Scout Alarm service integration? If so, what do you think of the quality of the service provided and is it worth $20 a month?

I know it has its drawbacks, such as intruder-only monitoring and no exit delay… But I’m mostly interested in how reliable you find it to be. Does it work the way you want it to? Is Scout, as a company, responsive to issues and question?

It seems to me that SMH has become much more stable/reliable lately, so I would assume that means Scout has therefore also become more stable/reliable.

I’m sure I’m not the only one considering signing up for Scout through ST, and many folks could likely benefit from the insight of existing users.


I am also interested in this same information.

I’m currently building a new house and I want to use a DIY home security system. I’ve been looking at SimpliSafe and Abode, but I really like the idea of doing everything through SmartThings too.

Would love to hear some more opinions on this!