Integration of Z-Wave Danfoss Thermostat

Ok, changed it! I guess the change isn’t immediate?

@danielccm, technically “kind of”? :grinning: If you go back into Rooms, Things, or anything else and then go back to the device in the app it should change. If not, exit the app, and/or tap refresh.

Hey @johnconstantelo! Thanks for the suggestions but they didn’t work… I even cleared all data from the app…

Anything else I can try before I contact support?

Edit: here’s a screenshot of the device… At least the battery indicator works! Lol!

Ok, I believe I told you only a 1/2 right answer… You should be able to use thermostat as a type, but it’s the VALUE_CONTROL tileAttribute section that doesn’t work with Android. Sorry about that. Would you mind commenting out these lines?

		tileAttribute("device.heatingSetpoint", key: "VALUE_CONTROL") {
			attributeState "heat", action:"quickSetHeat"
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Damn… still nothing… I’m starting to think I installed it wrongly?


When you look at the device in the Things list or within a Room’s list of devices, do you see the “?” as well?

Do you mean the @AdamV device handler is working? I gave it a go in December but without success, so I didnt insist.

Good morning @johnconstantelo and @Cedric

Yes, to both questions! I do see the ? Everywhere and I am using @AdamV’s DH…

So where should I go from here?


Hi @danielccm, looks like there’s something else that needs changed. Can you post a link to the code in Github, or somewhere else that preserves formatting?

I’m a newbie in github… can you guide me?

Hi @danielccm, Github isn’t too difficult to use once you’re set up and begin to use to it, but if you’ve never done it before it may take you longer than just posting your code here. Go ahead and copy your code from the IDE into a reply and I can take a look at it for you this afternoon. I bet we can figure it out.

I think I got it! The github thing…

All credit goes to @AdamV, obviously!

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Maybe this could be useful?

WHen trying to save the handler from gitthub in Smartthings IDE i get

Org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: script1453669021700602951867.groovy: 139: unexpected token: } @ line 139, column 1. } ^ 1 error

Any idea why?

I’m new to github… Can’t help there, sorry!

Thats ok, I fixed it… Just wanted to highlight there was a mistake in the copy paste :slight_smile:

That’s what happens when you (that is, me!) dare to do sensitive things on a cell phone… :innocent:

Please modify it at will!!

Done :smile:
I fixed the file

I’ll install it then and see if it works! :smile:

Umm… what file did you fix? :innocent: