Integrating Sonos into SmartThings in Germany

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I’m new to SmartThings, and it appears to be my smart-home-choice in the future as I’m already using Hue via the Hue Bridge, a Samsung TV and a Samsung washing machine.
I also own some Sonos devices and recently read about them being supported by the SmartThings App in UK/USA.
I’m from Germany and I cannot find any solution to integrate my devices.

Am I doing something wrong? Why isn’t it working at all?

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what exactly do you mean “cannot find any solution”?
what happens if you go to “add device” and then search “Sonos”?

if you do not have Sonos in “add device”, then I suggest you use a Samsung account with country = UK or US (you can create this on uk / us samsung site)

please note that if you want to delete your current account in order to use the same username, your hub will be deleted and you’ll have to set it up from scratch again

I don’t believe this would be a good idea. I suggest not moving your account to a different country.

Do contact ST support if Sonos is not showing in your Add Device section.

reason = ?

Don’t use a US account on a UK hub for example.

You are probably thinking of different radio frequencies between the US and Europe.
Fair enough, although I am pretty sure it will still work because this is a matter of hardware, ie as long as you use european versions of hub with european version of sensors there should be no problems regardless of account.

But ok, probably the safest bet is to use an UK account if one resides in Europe.

I would never recommend to anyone to move their Samsung account nor reset their hub. But that is only my opinion. If they want to follow your advice, that is their decision.

I recommend that they contact ST support first and speak with them. In case it is a device that is region locked and not available there through ST.

Try picking the other brand, z-wave and then proceeding through until the app starts saying searching. Confirm your hub as blinking the front LED and see if they are found.

Just to make that clear: when I go to “Add device”, I don’t see Sonos. In the section “speakers” I can only find different types of Bose speakers.

My first thoughts were that Sonos is not (yet) supported in Germany. But maybe (hopefully) I’m doing something wrong or there is some kind of workaround for that?

@prjct92eh2: I’m not using the Hub at this moment. But I don’t think this will work bc the Sonos speakers are connected to my home Wifi. Or am I misunderstanding you?

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!

The Sonos integration requires a hub since it is a local LAN integration

Ahh ok. But is it normal that I don’t even see the option?
Because other brands and devices show up even though they need a hub as well.

yes. Brands are regional and maybe even filtered based on you having a hub or not.

So in other words you think that I need the hub and will then be able to add the speakers?

I don’t know for sure. You for sure need a hub. But then you have region filters. So if for some reason Samsung Germany doesn’t support the Sonos integration, it still won’t show up as a supported brand. But the hub at least gives you the technical ability to add them hopefully.

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Other has been removed in the By Brand section.

:angry: ok, pick any non-smartthings z-wave or zigbee device :laughing: Just something to get the hub in pairing mode.

Use any of the IKEA devices. It does the pairing for ages. That’s how I found my Sonos too. Even the Classic App should do it in pairing mode. But I would think, definitely need a hub as it is a LAN integration.

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OK, so it seems I found the solution. Created a new UK-Account and now I get the option to add Sonos devices. When I try to add these, I get the notification that I need a hub to do so.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions!!