Smartthings Hub in norway


I’ve heard that the ST hub does not work outside uk/us. Is this true?

Well, not exactly. The hub should function anywhere that it can be plugged in to an electrical outlet and connected to the internet. There are some users in this forum that are not in the us or uk and it’s not as if their ip addresses are blocked or something like that (at least, I’ve never read about that happening to anyone).

But it’s only approved for sale in the us and uk as far as I know. That means you probably can’t expect any support if you use one in another country and need help troubleshooting, warranty service, etc. Also it could be harder to purchase devices to connect to the hub, depending on where you are exactly. And since z-wave (one of the wireless home automation protocols that the ST hub supports) functions on different frequencies depending on your region, you could also be operating an unapproved rf device. So theoretically you could run into interference issues, it could be illegal depending on your country’s telecommunications laws, etc.

The bottom line is, yes it’s possible to use a ST hub outside of the us and uk, but if you do there are several issues to consider.

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Thanks for your reply Mark.

I was able to get a hold of customer support, and they said that it will work as long as i use devices that uses the EU frequency for z-wave, and that it will work outside the uk. But as you say, warranty is a completely different matter, but seeing all the good stuff people say about it, I’m confident enough to try it out.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

FYI, I’m in Norway and SmartThings works just fine with everything I’ve connected so far.
I got the SmartThings hub, motion sensors and keyfobs from the UK, Amazon Echo (Alexa) from the USA, Echo Dot from the UK and Philips Hue lighting & Harmony Hub from Norway.
Also have several D-Link WiFi security cameras that work flawlessly with SmartThings.
The only devices that SmartThings and Alexa did not recognize were the old Nexa (Swedish) temperature monitors and SmartPlugs but I am reliably informed that they will work soon.
Also my Sonos wireless speakers function just fine with the system.
In fact the Sonos & SmartThings intergration solved a particularly annoying problem I used to have.
Because my mailbox is out of site, I have no idea when the mail arrives, as the postman uses an electric van.
By simply fitting a SmartThings magnetic switch to the inside of the mailbox, whenever the lid is opened my Sonos system announces !the mail is here!" as well as registering the event in SmartThings hub.


Not at all, lots of folks are using using the hub and the apps in Norway.