Integrated Alarm System for 2019?

Hey guys

I am using Visonic PRO alarm with an Arduino bridge and WEMOS and its connecting to ST - I can arm/disarm and get sensors state.
I have some problems with that integration, commands that not going trough, resets and reassignments and also the alarm system needs to be upgraded.
I couldn’t find any decent alarm system that will integrate with ST, even not via 3th party (e.g. IFTTT or something like that). The only options are ADT (that is obsolete and I will not use that) or using the basic security features of ST, that I think that it is not meets the needs of an alarm system.
Also so a thread of ring alarm integration but it is not clear if it is working and will keep work in the future.
I’ve reached a dead end, it doesn’t make any sense the 2019, I will not be able to find any alarm system that will integrate with my smart home.
I will be happy for any advice in this subject, anyone that tried and succeed or failed any type of integration will help me and a lot of users that are looking for a decent home security.

This is a matter first of budget and then of philosophy.

There are several very good, very expensive systems that include both security and smart Home features, like Control 4 or Crestron. But then you are talking about costs of about 15% of the price of the Home plus an annual maintenance fee. Good for very rich people, but not for the rest of us.

So then we come to the philosophy part. When you are looking at inexpensive systems, alarm system companies want to keep their own costs down while maintaining security and very high reliability. So they severely limit the specific devices that can be added and close down most Integration pathways.

So many community members, myself included, just maintain completely separate security systems. But obviously that’s a personal choice.

Abode is probably the best low cost combo security/Home automation system right now. But integration with SmartThings is limited to IFTTT. lets you monitor your existing wired sensors with SmartThings, so is very popular with people with those devices.

People have tried other integrations with other security systems, but they are all pretty limited for the reasons already given. To find those, go to the quick browse lists in The community – created wiki, go down near the bottom of the page to “project reports“ and choose the list for “security.“