3rd Party Compatible Security Systems?

Hello there - I tried to search without much luck. Are there 3rd party security solutions that will easily integrate with ST? I am trying to find something a but more bulletproof and wife friendly and don’t want to end up with something to hacky. I appreciate it anyone can point me in the right direction.


Not that I know, but you can of course use door sensors and a Z-Wave Siren to do the same thing.

Please explain what you are looking to do, and what your wife would consider acceptable (I know the feeling)

Easily - no. There’s no “officially” supported solution yet. There’s a couple of community-supported integrations, for example:

You can also use SmartThings as a virtual alarm panel, but you have to be aware of its limitations.

Thanks for the reply - I think the issue I am running up against is the desire/want of my wife to have something monitored (ie adt, slomin,etc) - opposed to my desire to be able to able to do it myself, etc - I am trying to stay away from a walled garden if I can manage it. Even being able to leverage the same senors for both systems would be valuable - 2 open closed sensors on a door for example is kind of silly

You can have your DSC PowerSeries or Honeywell Vista alarm professionally monitored for $8.99 a month through EyezOn http://www.eyezon.com/?page_id=246. You’ll need to buy and install Envisalink3 add-on card, which cost extra $100. The Envisalink3 can be used to integrate with SmartThings, but it’s not for the faint of heart because unfortunately ST hub cannot talk to Envisalink directly and the only available solution right now is to use a bridge PC running AlarmServer software.

Your best bet is to wait for an alarm company to leverage IFTTT. Fortunately for you, ADT announced it will soon be utilizing IFTTT. You can then have the 2 systems talking to each other. While not the most elegant or efficient, it can help you save on hardware.

Good call on the IFTTT tie in with ADT - I misssed that announcement. As you say - not super elegant - but I would like to get away from multiple sensors doing the same damn thing.