2022 building a new home and looking for Alarm system that best integrates

I have the Areotec ST hub and we are building a new home and I am wondering what Alarm system to buy that I can sync up to ST. I was looking at the IQ panel 4 but that didn’t look like it plays Nicely with ST.

I found the Honeywell Lyric works but can’t find any intergration info and if it works.

I am looking for an alarm system that I don’t have to have any subscriptions and can notify me via ST and kick off automations based on Alarms/Arms/Disarms.

It’s a very good question, but almost impossible to answer right now. That’s because SmartThings is in the middle of a huge transition that starts September 30, and almost all of the existing integrations are going to break because of the changes. And we just don’t know which, if any, will be replaced with the new architecture. Plus on the good news side, Matter support should come out in about the same timeframe and may bring more choices. :thinking:

So…by January 15, we should be able to answer the question,

For now, as a temporary solution I would look at something you can integrate through Alexa routines, since those should continue to work the same way. But with the idea that you might want to replace it once the transition to the new architecture is complete.

We should also say, to be honest, that before and after the transition SmartThings just never integrates well with security systems because the ST app, all ST notifications, and most custom code requires an active internet connection to the SmartThings cloud. Exactly what you DON’T want in a security system. No power, no notification. No internet, no notification. No ST cloud, no notification. Also, without the internet you might not be able to arm/disarm the security system. :scream:

So it’s always at best a convenience add-on. Not a primary part of a security setup,

I have a DSC PC1864 with an Eyezon EnvisaLink EVL-4EZR it is fully integrated with Smartthings using @TAustin edge driver. All contacts and motion sensors can be utilized for routines. I built a home in 2018 which I had pre-wired for all windows and exterior doors. I considered newer more ‘modern’ alarm systems, but realized that modern also meant subscription/proprietary closed systems, that are designed to exclude self monitoring. I had no prior experience with Smartthings. It was included in the new home build.

I would recommend pre-wiring ALL doors (interior and exterior) and windows, as well as garage doors. This obviously will add some cost but will eliminate many z-wave or zigbee sensors, and probably many battery operated devices. Also make sure ethernet is run to the alarm panel.

You may need to add two motion sensors to some rooms as you need coverage for intrusion detection and automation use which may be in the opposite direction to each other. So put as much thought as possible into the layout.

The DSC PC1864 has 64 zones capability, 8 on board and then 8 per additional expansion zone. The reaction time of the alarm sensors in Smartthings is faster than any z-wave or zigbee sensors even on edge (local).

I have a keypad at every entry, by you can probably get by with just one, as each phone will also become a keypad.